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The Ombudsman's Values

PHSO's aim and vision is to provide an independent, high quality complaint handling service that rights individual wrongs, drives improvements in public service and informs public policy.


PHSO’s values shape its behaviour and incorporate the Ombudsman's Principles.


PHSO pursues excellence in all it does in order to provide the best possible service. The organisation:

  • seeks feedback to achieve learning and continuous improvement
  • operates thorough and rigorous processes to reach sound, evidence-based judgements
  • is committed to enabling and developing its people to provide an excellent service.


PHSO leads by example so that its work has a positive impact. The organisation:

  • sets high standards for itself and others
  • is an exemplar and provides expert advice in complaint handling
  • shares learning to achieve improvement.


The PHSO is open, honest and straightforward in all of its dealings, and uses time, money and resources effectively. The organisation:

  •  is consistent and transparent in its actions and decisions
  • takes responsibility for  its actions and holds itself accountable
  • treats people fairly.


PHSO values people and their diversity and strives to be inclusive. It does this by:

  • respecting others, regardless of personal differences
  • listening to people to understand their needs and tailor its service accordingly
  • promoting equal access to its service for all members of the community.
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